Don’t Be The Cause Of A Car Crash – Implement These Car Safety Tips Instead

How many of us jump into our cars and set off without even a second thought as to the safety of our vehicles? It’s crazy when you think about it – a car can be really unsafe and every time we drive our cars we are risking our lives, the lives of our passengers and the lives of other road users. It’s not something to be careless about – our cars should be in tip top condition at all times not only to adhere to safety regulations but also because we must be safe when we travel at all times. Here are some basic safety checks you should perform on your car every time you use it:

Check Levels

Have you got plenty of water in your windscreen washers? It can be very dangerous driving with dirty windows as your vision will be impaired so make sure you top up. Then there is the oil – an engine gets pretty damaged when you drive with low levels of oil so get that topped up too. What about fuel? Running a car on small amounts of fumes causes dirt and grime from the bottom of the tank to get sucked up and spread around the engine so always fill up before a journey.

What About Your Tyres?

Bald tyres are illegal and they are also incredibly unsafe. A bald tyre will increase your stopping distances considerably. You should also check your tyres over for any damage – if they are split this could lead to a blow-out which is a terrifying experience and one that will cause a great deal of damage not only to the wheel but also to the rest of your car.


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Are You Legal?

Is your licence plate visible? Is your tax displayed correctly? These are all things that need to be adhered to and if you know your car is legal and safe then you will drive with a lot less stress. Make sure your insurance is paid up to date and any other fees are covered. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that if you get pulled over by the police you have done nothing wrong.


Before you embark on a journey you should go around the car making sure that all the bulbs are working correctly. If one is out it will confuse other road users and potentially cause an accident. Check the brakes, the reverse lights, the headlights and side lights and the indicator too. Get any broken ones fixed as soon as possible and don’t drive in the dark.

A safe car is a happy and calm place to be, so make sure your car is as safe as it possibly can be. Don’t take any risks when it comes to your personal safety and make sure that any repairs are carried out to a high standard before any journeys. Driving should be a pleasurable experience – if you look after your car it will look after you so don’t cut any corners and you’ll be very happy together!

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