Reasons To Buy A New Car Instead Of Used

There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to choose a new car instead of a used model. And whilst both alternatives will have their advantages and disadvantages, anyone looking for a low maintenance solution will automatically be drawn to new.

Why buy a new car?

Most people are put off buying a new car because they are worried about depreciation – and rightly so. As soon as you drive a new car away from the dealership you’ll have knocked a few thousand pounds off its purchase price. But is this a price worth paying?

Here are some of the top reasons to buy a new car:


A new car will come with a manufacturer warranty. And this can be worth its weight in gold. During the first few years of ownership, depending on the length of the warranty, all you have to do if you have a problem is drop the car off at the dealers and they will fix the problem for you. This means no unforeseen repair costs and the peace of mind that the vehicle will always be repaired.


While you will have to pay for your car to be serviced during the first few years of ownership the other maintenance costs are usually very low. It’s unlikely that you will need a new set of tyres during this time and because wear and tear on components, such as brake pads and exhaust systems, will be low it’s unlikely that these will have to be replaced during this period too – saving you money.

You are the first owner

When you buy a used car you’ve no way of knowing how the car has been driven or looked after during the early part of its life. You may have HPI checked the vehicle but this will only tell you if the vehicle has been in a collision. In its previous life the vehicle might have been driven erratically, putting strain on the engine, or it might have been in a minor accident which has not been recorded.


Image credit to rooflizard

Exact specification

You’ll be able to specify everything you want when you buy a new vehicle. This means you’ll be able to choose the colour, the upholstery and any extras which might take your fancy. When you buy a used car you will often have to compromise on something when you buy the vehicle. The car might not be fitted with parking sensors or it might not have heated seats – the point here is that you don’t have as much choice.

Special offers

Car dealerships will often give special offers to those who purchase a new vehicle. Over recent years offers worthy of note include free insurance and interest-free finance. Both these deals can save a car owner hundreds of pounds during their first few years of ownership.

While many people might be put off buying a new car the benefits are there for all to see. So before you buy a used vehicle do the sums and make an informed choice.

Gabriel Short is a mechanic from Derby