Essential Bike Accessories You Need For Your Next Road Adventure

If you are planning to go on a bike trip, you must know that your smartphone and credit card won’t be able to bail you out of whatever trouble that you may face. You can be a free spirit, throw caution to the winds and pray everything works out but if you are a smart motorcycle traveler you will know that common-sense preparation actually goes a long way. So here are some essential things you must have before you set out from your home.

Essential Bike Accessories You Need For Your Next Road Adventure
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GPS or a good map

Sometimes a road is not as straight as you think. Landslides occur often and there could be some other natural hazard that compels you to take an alternate way. In these cases, a GPS device or a map can help you a lot. Your phone may have all these, but what if you are in an area where you get no service?

Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Riding a bike and using your smartphone is not a very wise thing to do. This is why innovators have developed Bluetooth helmet communicators. These not only let you listen to your favorite songs but also allow you to chat with your fellow riders and hear GPS navigation commands within your helmet.

Flat Repair Kit

A flat tire repair kit can be a bit heavy to carry but it’s really a blessing. All tires are vulnerable to punctures ad cuts, and a flat tire can actually waste a lot of your time especially if there are no workshops nearby. So it’s best if you keep a flat tire repair kit with you and learn how to use it.

Fuel Siphon

So what if you are traveling on a long journey and you find out that there are no fuel stops along the way. You obviously will carry extra fuel in reliable containers along the way. For this, we recommend that you use E-Z Fill Siphon which is a lightweight and easy-to-use fuel transfer system. It doesn’t require a mouthful of gas and can work effectively. Just unroll and unkink the siphon hose and insert the pump end into a gas tank. Next place the other end into gallon transferring container and get the fuel flowing.

Motorcycle Toolkit

These days, most motorcycles come with either meager or a just nonexistent toolkit. On the rough road, you may have to face some repairs that you have to do yourself such as tightening a loose mirror or adjusting your suspension or controls. Get a compact and a well-stocked tool roll for yourself before you set out on your adventure.

Bike- or Helmet-Mounted Video Camera

No adventure is complete with capturing photos and making a video of your trip. It is a great way of sharing the experience with your friends and family. It even helps you to relive those adventurous moments when you are back on your 9-5 routine. Therefore, get a nice camera with a good bike mount on it and you will be just fine.

These were some of the things you really need to have before setting on that road. The post has been sponsored by Bike Bandit.

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