Taking The Stress Out Of Selling Up

Are you thinking about swapping your car for a new one? Have you decided to sell up and buy a more modern, larger or faster car? Buying a car can be stressful enough, but selling is often even more time-consuming. If you’re looking for a stress-free sale, here are some options worth considering.

Buying a car
Image Credit: Robert Couse-Baker


If you need a new car, it’s a good idea to consider using your current vehicle as part of the deal. When you part exchange, you can use the value of your vehicle to reduce the cost of buying a new car. If you are thinking about doing this, it’s advisable to get some quotes and also to do some research to see how much your car is worth. Visit some dealerships and garages, ask them to value the vehicle and then make a decision. If you go with the first quote, you may end up paying more for your new wagon.

Private sale

If you’re ready to part with your car, you may be considering placing a ‘for sale’ sign in the back window, putting an advert in a magazine or listing it online. Private sales are often an effective means of making more money, but the onus is on you to drive the sale and negotiate the best price. Before you take photographs, invest in some car wash microfiber towels and give your motor a good clean so it looks the part. Include as much information in the advert as possible and do some research to get an idea of the market value. Remember that you’ll need to be available to answer questions, take calls and arrange viewings. If you do have interested parties, set a price that you’re happy with and be prepared to haggle.

Visiting a dealership

Selling a car yourself can be a hassle, especially if you’re not particularly comfortable with driving a hard bargain or you don’t know the technical ins and outs to answer tricky questions. You may find that it’s easier to sell your car to a dealership. If you do take this path, don’t just go for the first offer. Get some different prices and go with the best quote. It’s worth noting that salespeople will always try and seal the deal that suits them, so be prepared to fight your corner if you’re not happy with the price they offer.

Selling online

There are countless companies and businesses that offer the option to sell a car online. Entrepreneurs are wise to the fact that drivers don’t have time to waste haggling on a forecourt or a driveway, and they have established systems that make it quick, easy and convenient to sell vehicles. If you are selling online, be careful when it comes to valuation and be as honest as possible when you’re describing the condition of the car. You may find that the offer you get is lower, but you’re willing to take it in exchange for simplicity and convenience.

Are you preparing to part company with your car? If so, you’re probably hoping for a smooth, stress-free ride. Hopefully, this guide will take all the hassle out of selling.

Sam Gatt is a lover of cars and also motor racing. He has owned a kart for a number of years and competes at a national level. He is also a tech geek and lover of the great outdoors.