How To Charge A Car Battery At Home

How To Charge A Car Battery

Did you find yourself helpless in the middle of the road due to a particular problem? Perhaps, you forgot to pay attention to your car battery. Before rushing into your destination, it is quite important to check whether the charge will suffice the estimated distance or not. It is reasonable to erase basketball game on your schedule but not escaping to charge your car battery. No one would want an embarrassing moment just because the light stops in a dark area late at night. How terrible this scene would be!

How To Charge A Car Battery

Here are tested ways to charge a car battery at home:

Preparation Stage

If there is a need to remove new car battery from your vehicle, don’t forget to secure the grounded terminal. Removing all accessories is also a must. Before charging anything, proper ventilation should be observed. It is ideal to charge the battery with a source of air or other source of circulation.

Keep the battery terminals away from dirt and dust. It is recommended to use the baking soda and water solution in order to neutralize battery acid. When you clean them, make sure that airborne corrosion does not come close to the eyes, nose, and mouth.

For every cell, pour distilled water until the car battery acid get into the desired level determined by the manufacturer. Never consider any overfill to the application of water.

Aside from reading the instructions, there must be proper understanding to ensure that everything will be alright until the last process. Specific precautions must be studied accordingly.

Identify the battery voltage through following what’s on the manual. The switch for the output voltage selector needs to be set with the appropriate voltage. Instead of choosing the highest rate, it is better to go with the lowest rate initially.

Choosing The Best Charger Location

Make sure that the charger is located at far distance with the car battery itself, considering the DC cables as well. Do not put the charger with close contact to the battery being charged. Gases will automatically corrode and bring damage to the charger. No battery acid should leak to the charger when doing electrolyte gravity reading. Lastly, never charge your truck battery Gold Coast in a very isolated and hot place.

Look into the AC and DC connection

Connect the DC output clips once all charger switches are turned into off status. It applies the same concept when disconnecting the AC plug and disconnecting DC output. AC cord should fit on the outlet. This might be too easy to follow. However, there are car owners who try matching plug or cord on something which is very small or the other way around. A skilled and qualified electrician must be the one to take charge in terms of outlets and other complicated concerns. Erroneous connection leads to electric shock.

After being aware of these tips, there’s no space for accepting the negative consequences on the road. Even at home, it is possible to charge. It is not a great challenge in the long run. As long as you know the process, simply cast your doubts away.

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