How to Go Green with Your Car?

An environmental friendly car lessens the adverse affects of vehicular emissions on the environment. Instead of worrying about the model and shape of our car, our main focus should be on the ways to make it “Green”. A well maintained vehicle can play a major role in the protection of environment and promote sustainable development. Regardless, you have a hybrid or non-hybrid car, we can adopt a number of practices to make our cars green.


Maintenance: A well maintained car produces less pollution and saves gas. Check your car’s owner manual and know when you should visit your mechanic for maintenance.

Dirty air filter makes engine to work less efficiently because it chokes off the air. An inefficient car engine produces more pollution and consumes more fuel. It is very important to regularly monitor air filters during each oil change and replace them after every 3,000 km (this depends largely on the area you drive).

Regular checking of spark plugs is of utmost importance to improve fuel economy. Every vehicle contains four to eight spark plugs. The firing of these spark plugs creates chemical and electrical erosion and a dirty spark plug can waste a large amount of fuel. If you follow regular maintenance plan, your mechanic would change them whenever the need be, else you have to check them regularly and replace the choked plugs

Gas caps checking: A damaged gas cap is the main reason of toxic vapors emission from a car’s tank, wasting the fuel and increasing vehicular emissions.  Replace the gas cap if you found it cracked.

Catalytic converter is one of the key features in “Green cars”. Vehicular emissions from a car contain different toxic gases like Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon dioxide, and many others which cause different problems like air pollution and acid rain. The catalytic converter device was introduced in 1975 in all latest car models. The main purpose of catalytic convertor is to convert harmful pollutants in to less harmful pollutants before their emission in to the environment. Make sure the right type of converter is installed in your car to reduce emissions.

Cooling system maintenance: The thermostat in cooling system makes the engine very cold lowering the efficiency of car’s fuel. Devices like radiator caps are used in the vehicles that make the cooling system of a car to function before boiling at higher temperature which reduces emissions and also make the vehicle more efficient consuming less fuel.

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Jasper has been an enthusiast of the automotive and IT industries since the age of 16. He independently writes on the auto industry's recent happenings.