The Right Mechanic Helps Your Car Live Longer

There’s no time like the summer to roll down the windows, crank the volume up, and enjoy a pleasant cruise on a sunny day! There are no winter hazards like ice on the road, and even the air is pleasant. However, driving-related costs have risen sharply in recent years. From used vehicles to gas, everything is going up in price.

How to Make Your Car Last Longer

If you want to keep your costs down, the right mechanic can go a long way. Here are a few signs to help you recognize a great body shop, so your vehicle can live longer!

how to make your car last longer
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All Repairs and Services

  • You don’t want to drop your vehicle off at one mechanic to fix a certain problem, then visit another for a different service. It’s more convenient to visit mechanics like AutoOne Service, which can handle any repairs and services under the same roof.
  • From routine maintenance like oil changes, tune-ups, safety inspections, and factory scheduled maintenance to engine and transmission services, the best body shops handle everything. Canadians know that the roads change dramatically from one season to another, which means tires need to be rotated, balanced, aligned and changed.
  • Dropping your vehicle off once is simpler. Plus, leaving it with a mechanic who can see to whatever’s wrong is a good sign it’s in reliable hands.

Hybrid Services

  • Auto manufacturers make very different vehicles than they did years ago. Old-school mechanics may not be up to date on how to fix modern hybrid vehicles or have all the necessary parts.
  • The batteries on hybrid vehicles have special requirements traditional cars don’t have. Look for a body shop that handles testing, conditioning, inspection, and repair for any hybrid batteries.

Exotic, Luxury Vehicles

  • If a mechanic is trusted with rare, expensive, luxury vehicles, you can probably feel safe leaving them with yours. While people become personally attached to their car, and modestly priced vehicles still cost a lot of money, the level of expertise and specialization required to fix a Ferrari is on another level from that of Honda Accords.
  • Your vehicle may be infinitely valuable to you. But if a body shop regularly services cars with rarer parts that are considerably more complex and expensive, it’s a good sign they can handle whatever you throw at it.

Digital Bookings

  • Most of the world has made itself compatible with digital technology, and body shops are no different. Look out for a mechanic who lets you easily schedule an appointment online. All you’ll need to do is put in some basic contact information, describe what’s wrong with the vehicle, and whether you’ll be dropping it off or waiting for it to be serviced.
  • Don’t run around town looking desperately for a mechanic or rely on the Yellow Pages when you can simply crack open your phone and book an appointment from wherever you are.
  • We rely on our cars to get around and transport people and haul things around town. They play a vital role in our lives and must be kept in good shape. Look for a mechanic that delivers on all the above points, and your vehicle will live a long and happy life.
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