New Audi S1 Is Now On The Track

The world famous automotive company, Audi, has revealed its fantastic new model for the metro city roads. The New Audi S1 and S1 Sportback are the two sophisticated starting from %50k, approx. So, what’s so special in these models? Basically, both the model drive over the supercharged turbocharged 4 Cylinder units which are capable of generating amazing power of 231 HP. At first look, nobody can estimate that such a mini model of S1 can be so powerful in performance, although already glorified in the design. The models show the top speed of the 250km/h which are optimized for the city roads (S1) and racing track (S1 Sportback).

Over such a dashing speed drive, the model is supported by the Electronic stability control (ESC) with multiple clutches for full control over the smooth drive lane. The brake master cylinder and the electromechanical power steering make S1 models highly advanced. Interiors are painted in dark tone to authoritative look. The gadgets are textured with a dark gray tint for adorable look. In short, the model is designed to be one of the most adorable models on the road. There is no doubt that Audi has always known for its appealing road car models. Available in 4 Color option, the model will be highly stunning along with a striking tone of the performance. Side by side, the xenon, LED light and sparkling red logo makes it look highly awesome.

Audi S1 Sportback

The Audi S1 and Audi S1 Sportback is expected to be in the market in second quarter of 2014. Its price is expected to be about $40,813 USD. The model will be equipped with modern gadgets including all smart features like WI-Fi hotspot detection, Bluetooth and lots more. However, not much detail of technical specifications is revealed by the official sources in the exposition of the Audi S1 models.

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