Spray Booths for the Perfect Paint Job

Painting jobs are extremely messy, often frustrating and tough when performed using the improper tools or gadgets or the wrong environment. Getting a top quality, professional looking paint job requires the best paint materials, a contaminant-free environment and time-tested techniques. The proper environment suitable for painting is achieved in a paint spray booth. This type of booth is a large enclosed space that ensures debris, dust and other types of unwanted particles that might cause a flaw on your paint job are kept outside. Consequently, your paint job won’t get contaminated.

Whether you are painting a large, medium or small car or aircraft, ceramics, furniture or other large pieces of equipment, the booth for spray painting is always necessary. They offer plenty of advantages when compared to painting objects out in the open. For example, painting vehicles involves a process known as rapid paint baking that makes sure the pain is totally cured. This makes it more resistant and durable to normal wear and tear. Today, there are commercially available spray booths that will perform this baking and curing process. Making sure you get a swift paint job in a clean and immaculate environment will save valuable resources such as time and money. More importantly, you are delivering the best quality painting services to your customers.

No matter the size, paint spraying booths have the same basic features and designs, and they all serve the same purpose. The first major feature is the opening that allows large pieces of equipment and objects to be transported in and out of the booth. The opening must remain tight-sealed to prevent outside contaminants from getting in. The booth must be air tight, not permitting any particles or dust to enter. With sensitive paint applications, even a tiny particle will cause nasty imperfections that can’t be tolerated. Another major feature is the compressor which forces air out of the structure. This transforms into a vacuum type system that makes painting faster and easier. Larger scale spray booths have ready-to-use compression nozzles for painting, while others use a separate compressor to serve the same purpose.

Painting a Car

Whether you use a spray booth for large-scale commercial use or small-scale industries, a large, top-quality spraying booth is vital in the paint application industry.

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Rugal has spent most of his life in, around and under cars, from a childhood filled with Matchbox cars to bloodied knuckles as an ASE-certified mechanic and, since 2006, as an automotive journalist.