The New Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupé revealed

The new S Class Mercedes-Benz model has been given its first outlook reflecting the true gorgeousness of the ultimate luxury sedan. The model has been designed keeping the comfort and luxury in mind with an added touch of the safety at the swift speed. Exteriors are based upon the classy look framed over the modern metallic finish with authoritative design. The 4 door model has a wide wheelbase for a stable drive over the rough and curvy city roads.

On the technical front, the model is powered by the highly powerful 4.7L Twin Turbocharged V8 Engine integrated with 4Matic system. However, no details of the Transmission have been declared by the company. Still, the car lovers are expecting least 7 Speed automatic transmissions. Side by side, the adaptive cruise control, cross traffic light alert, active lane drive, might vision and collision prevention system is a common integration in the new Mercedes-Benz S class model. This means that the model will be broken automatically upon crossing the critical limit in the collision prone zone. Beneath its 6 foot hood, the passengers are highly safe and secure while the model is on the high speed.

New Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupé

The new S Class sedan is equipped with advanced control system 480p, controlling all the modern gadgets of the car including the 3D surround sound system by allowing the gesture input on the screen. In short, the model is the perfect combination of the beauty and style along with an excellent power pack of the astonishing power-train. The modern technology of the model offers the active body control system which is capable of stabilizing the drive as per the dynamic response to the running surface and inputs. Overall, the new S Class Mercedes-Benz Sedan is a groundbreaking model for car lovers all over the world, defining a new meaning of sedan coupe.

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