Off-Road Adventure: Best Upgrades for a UTV

Over the last few years, the popularity of UTVs has increased dramatically. While some people use their UTV to handle work-related tasks around the farm, there are others who use their machine strictly for recreational purposes. Although a UTV is a very capable all-terrain vehicle, most adventure seekers will need to install a few upgrades if they have intentions of traveling in extremely rugged environments. Here is the must-have side x side stuff for off-road enthusiasts.


The stock tires are fine for just puttering around the local area. However, they are not designed to handle the rigors of a harsh off-road trail. Upgrading to a set of aggressive off-road tires will make the UTV a more competent off-road performer. Not only will the upgraded tires be able to take a lot more abuse, but they also provide more traction on the ground.

UTV Off Road Tires

Skid Plate

installing a full-length skid plate is a bare necessity for maneuvering around rugged landscapes. A rock or jagged tree stump can cause extensive damage to the undercarriage of a UTV. A full-length skid plate is made of high-strength metals, so the critical components of the UTV will remain protected at all times. To ensure that dirt and water is able to drain from beneath the machine, small holes have been drilled into most skid plates.

UTV Skid Plate


Some UTV owners overlook the importance of the front bumper. However, the strength of the bumper actually enhances the capabilities of the UTV. The enhanced strength of the upgraded bumper also helps to improve the overall structural integrity of the machine. Most aftermarket bumpers already come with a special cutout, which makes the installation of a winch even simpler.

front bumper

Lift Kit

Some UTVs lack the necessary ground clearance to topple rocky terrains. A lift kit will give the machine the extra clearance that it needs to overcome a variety of off-road obstacles. The upgraded parts of the suspension are engineered to withstand extreme forces. This means that a hidden tree stump or rock will not harm the suspension.

Lift Kit


The primary purpose of installing a windshield is to protect the occupants of the UTV from flying debris. A windshield certainly comes in handy during wet weather. Unlike a traditional automotive windshield, most UTV windshields can be easily removed or flipped down within seconds.

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