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buying a salvage car

Tips & Tricks You Need to Know When Buying a Salvage Car

Most cars you see driving down the road have never had the misfortune of being in an accident more serious than the occasional dents and dings that occur from everyday...

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how to make your car last longer

The Right Mechanic Helps Your Car Live Longer

There’s no time like the summer to roll down the windows, crank the volume up, and enjoy a pleasant cruise on a sunny day! There are no winter hazards like ice on the...

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types of deadly car accidents

All You Need to Know About These 6 Types of Deadly Car Accidents!

It’s a fact that accidents do occur. And if they do, you might have to deal with possible increases to your insurance premium and pay for car repairs and injuries....

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bad fuel injector symptoms

Top 10 Bad Fuel Injector Symptoms and Ways to Fix Faulty Injectors

Are you experiencing engine sputtering, poor performance, low gas mileage, or rough idling? It could either be a classic case of Mondays or, most probably, bad fuel...

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how To buy a car in the philippines

How To Buy A Car in The Philippines – A Full Guide

Purchasing a car just doesn’t come as easy as one might assume. Check out this guide on how to buy a car in the Philippines before you head off to the dealership....

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how to buy used auto parts

A Guide On How To Buy Used Auto Parts

Buying used car parts is a good way to save money on car repair and maintenance. The prices of used car parts vary depending on their rarity, demand, and condition. That...

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car accidents caused by speeding

7 Common Injuries Caused Due To Speeding

Over the past 20 years, speeding has contributed to almost one-third of all fatal car accidents. Speeding contributed to 29 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2020....

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