Aspark Owl Review – The Mighty Beast of a Car is Finally Launched

Speed is not the limit, as Aspark Owl 1984-HP stands by its claim by hitting the 60 MPH threshold in just 1.7 seconds.

Today, we are going to review Aspark Owl. We will tell you what’s amazing hidden in this speed workhorse.

Do you know that Aspark Owl was lucky enough to snatch 50 customers, right after inception, worldwide despite having the eye-popping Aspark Owl price tag of over $3 million? All this happened because Aspark Owl is all things glorious.

Quick Review of Aspark Owl

aspark owl

Aspark Owl is the hypercar from the Japanese makers – Aspark. Aspark claims Owl as the first all-electric hypercar and It corroborates the claim while releasing the final product specifications.

The $3.2 Aspark Owl price tag is concomitant with the exciting features.

Initially, Aspark Owl was going to roll out 50 cars that will be delivered by the mid of 2020. This occurrence is not out of the blue. The manufacturing has a deep-rooted struggle that finally bestowed some of the mind-bending specifications.

Specifications of Aspark Owl Car

specifications of aspark owl

  • Horse Power: 1984
  • Mileage: 280 miles
  • Dry weight: 4189 pounds
  • Battery: 64 kWh lithium-ion
  • Price: $3.2

Let’s look into some of the prominent specs. The car has 1984 Horsepower, 1475 lb-ft of torque, and a 0-60-mph time of 1.7 seconds. The near-production Aspark Owl is the first-ever production on the lineup of high-dollar hypercars.

An insane amount of power is generated thanks to the four electric motors that are powered by a 64kWh lithium-ion battery pack and torque vectoring. The overall mileage of 280 miles is promised by Owl. The speed is awe-inspiring -249 mph.

Charging Time

Charging time can be an issue for speedy cars. The speed time is negatively covered up during slow charging. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Aspark Owl. The lithium-ion battery takes only 80 minutes for full charge up. This charging time is intended to be more efficient in the future.

Body Highlights


Let’s come into the physical features. The dry weight is just 4189 pounds, engraving its name into the list of lightweight speed cars. This lightweight design is bestowed by the incorporation of carbon fiber.

Downforce is another problem with sporty cars, Aspark Owl uses the streamlined side glass that gives the active rear wing full extension to achieve optimal downforce.


The safety is optimal, as the hydraulic suspension has a ride height adjustable from 80-100 mm. The carbon-ceramic brakes on each corner equip with 10-piston calipers in front and four-piston in the rear. Aspark Owl is guarded by a foolproof security system as well.

Manufacturing Philosophy of Aspark Owl

manufacturing owl

The concept of manufacturing Owl is three-year-old. Aspark Owl had envisaged a fully electric sports car that would run down all the previous speed records. The antagonists, as well as protagonists, were skeptical about the entire production scheme.

If history is a guide, many startup supercar companies have made big promises in the past but failed to deliver in essence. Aspark has proved the doubters wrong. The spectators were stunned at the Dubai International Motor Show.

During the summer, the Aspark Owl was tested at the Misano World Circuit where it managed 60 mph speed in just 1.72 seconds.

Aspark Owl Distribution

Of the limited numbers, 20 Owls are planned for Europe, 20 for Asia and the Middle East, and just 10 for North America. According to an online estimate, “Distributing is much more difficult for Aspark than the manufacturing itself.” As Aspark is an engineering firm and does not have a wide marketing-cum-distribution network like the competitors. This is why, the North American sales are being delegated to The Gables Sports, an exotic vehicle dealership based out of Miami. Also, check out\

Final Thoughts

All in all, Aspark Owl is a powerful car with a well-thought and impressive design. The powerful battery and lightweight body offer ultimate luxury, range, and speed.

It is evident that Aspark will not compromise on just 50 releases, it will produce a manifold as the anticipated demand increases.


How much does an Aspark Owl cost?

This limit series car costs $4,253,147 excluding tax. This is the price of the base variant without any options.

Is Aspark Owl the fastest?

Aspark Owl is the fastest car in the world right now and hits 100km/h in less than 2 sec and beats the famous Porsche and Ferrari.

Is Aspark Owl real?

Yes, The Aspark Owl is real and manufactured by a Japanese Engineering firm named Aspark. This is a battery-powered fully electric sports car.

Is Aspark Owl street legal?

Yes, Aspark Owl has a height of 99cm which is the lowest allowed legal hypercar height in the world.

How Can An Electric Aspark Owl Be The Fastest?

A decade ago, there was a strong association of power with petrol. Yet, electric power cars are slowly taking over this misplaced assumption.
Aspark Owl proves to be the biggest reason behind the myth-busting. Aspark Owl is fitted with a battery that offers up to 1,984 horsepower. This power is double of a hybrid-powered sports car-like Ferrari NV. And, the battery power of the Owl does not offer just power and efficiency. It also cuts down the power.

Why was The Aspark Owl a Secret?

Aspark kept the project “Owl” during the years of production and design under the shrouds for four years. The production team endlessly redesigned the car to ensure that it is perfect. Despite the secrecy, Aspark Owl is a success. The long wait is worth the release. The fans are loving each and every feature of Aspark Owl.

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