Removing 3 Common Windshield Stains Using Household Stuff

Stains on your windshield are a hassle. They hinder visibility when driving and are very unattractive and annoying to look at.

Removing the stains shouldn’t be much of a problem though. Unless you are careless enough to leave them there for a long period of time. Not only will the stains dry out and be much harder to remove, they might also leave permanent stain spots on your windshield.

removing 3 common windshield stains using household stuff

This is why it is important to quickly remove the stains once you see them. Don’t worry, removing the stains doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend big bucks to get a wash or buy fancy cleaning products. In most cases, you can use stuff you can find in your home to remove the most common stains.

Water Spots

Water contains minerals that leave traces when it dries. Residue coupled with dirt and dust can be hard to remove from your windshield.

Use white vinegar to remove water spots. White vinegar helps balance the pH levels of water and remove the stains that have already dried. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and mineral water and gently rub the solution onto the stain. If the stain has already accumulated dirt, remove the dirt first by pouring warm water. If you want a more potent solution to remove water spots, mix vinegar with baking soda. Wait for the bubbling to stop and then gently rub the solution to the stain.

Tree Sap

Because heat and UV rays from the sun can actually damage and weaken your windshield, it is preferable that you park under a shade. However, keep in mind that some trees drop sap onto your car, which can be very difficult to remove if it dries.

To remove the tree sap, apply a thinning product to a clean rag. The thinning product can be nail polish or alcohol. You can also use mineral oil or bath oil to remove the stain. Gently rub the cleaning product onto the stain using small circular strokes. Repeat this step until the sap is completely gone.

If you want, you can wash the windshield with warm water and soap after removing the sap to make sure that you also remove the remaining dirt.

Bird Droppings

Perhaps the biggest headache of parking outside is bird poop. Bird poop is acidic and can seriously damage your paint job.

On a windshield, bird poop can be just as troublesome. If exposed to sunlight and air for a long time, the poop can harden, making it more difficult to remove. What is more, some species of bird eat gravel to help with their digestion. They then defecate these pieces of gravel, which can scratch your glass if you wipe the poop carelessly. Turning your wipers and squirting some wiper fluid onto the stain doesn’t help either. Most of the time, the wiper just smears the poop all over your windshield, making your situation worse.

To remove the bird poop, use baking soda. Add four tablespoons of baking soda to about one liter of warm water. Rub the solution on the stain using a small circular motion. The baking soda counteracts the uric acid in the bird poop, preventing etching.

Keeping Your Windshield Well-Maintained

Removing stains from your windshield should be a part of your regular windshield maintenance practice. As you know, the windshield helps protect you from the elements as you drive so ensuring that it is well-maintained is part of an overall good car maintenance practice.

Follow a regular maintenance schedule and visit only credible repair shops, like Newmarket Auto Glass, if ever you need windshield repair or replacement.