Sell More Cars: Give Yourself the Leading Edge on Vehicle Sales


The best advice handed down to writers is to write what you know, write what you do best, and write to make a difference in the lives of others. Michel Scavuzzo has taken these tips to heart and has written a comprehensive guide to help his fellow sales professionals in the automotive industry. Michel has extensive experience in the automotive industry starting as a sales professional, building his career until becoming a dealer, and is now a very successful dealer consultant for one of the largest privately owned corporations in the auto industry worldwide. All the techniques that you will learn in his book, Sell More Cars, are tried and true. These are the techniques that he built his success on. Over the years, he has trained thousands of professionals with his technique sand strategies, and now he has taken his time to write this book to help you sell more as well.

Sell More Cars
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With his detailed tips and the information he provides, you will sell more cars! And not only sell more vehicles, but you will also increase the profits from each sale. In this book, you will find all the information that you need to:

  • Increase Profits Immediately
  • Understand Your Customers
  • Sell More Cars

Sell More Cars is a comprehensive guide to success in automotive sales. Inside these pages, you will learn how to engage more with your customer. Learn what your customer isn’t telling you. You will learn valuable techniques on how to close the sales deal without giving away gross profits. Your customers can buy cars anywhere, why should they come to you? Learn how to give your customers a reason to not only come to you specifically, but to keep coming back to you each time they need a vehicle.

Sell More Cars can be bought on Amazon and is offered in both paperback and eBook versions to fit your convenience on the go.

But, “Is this a come-on?” “How effective is this book, really?” “Isn’t this guy just in the market to sell his book? What is the proof behind it?” All these questions may be going through your mind as you read this. The answer to all the above is to do your homework. For proof and testimony of the accuracy and success of its techniques, read its numerous reviews on Amazon.

Not many books of this kind have a 5-star rating, but this comprehensive book does! Customer reviews dub Sell More Cars as: “The most useful took ever in the car selling a business,” and “Hands down the most honest and sincere methods that any salesman can use to increase sales and build a business.” The customer reviews speak for themselves about Michel Scavuzzo and the value you will find that this book gives you. Find that edge that you need to be more successful in the automotive sales industry. Sell More Cars will show you how.

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