Tesla Motors Further Strengthens Model S by Introducing Aluminum Deflector Plates and Titanium Underbody Shield

Popular American automobile manufacturer, Tesla Motors has further enhanced the Model S’ strength by adding aluminum deflector plates and titanium underbody shield that will give maximum protection to the vehicle as well as passengers.

This step has been taken in reaction to a couple of incidents last year that resulted in car fires, although no harm was done to the passengers. Only in North America, more than 200,000 gasoline car fires were reported but Tesla Model S, which is one of the finest electric cars of the globe, naturally got more attention in the media.

Tesla Model S

Model S possesses exceptional safety features and the underbody was not a major issue as the odds of fire in the car are almost one in eight thousand; however, the carmaker updated its software a few months ago, improving the vehicle’s ground clearance at high speeds which further decreased any chances of underbody damage.

Now, the carmaker claims to have completely eliminated the risk by introducing a three-layered underbody shield. According to Tesla, the new features have been tested during 152 vehicle level tests and they offered complete safety even in worst case scenarios.

If you are a Tesla Model S owner, you can get these shields in your existing car free of charge.

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