Top 10 Problems With Your Car That’ll Make You Wish You Took The Bus

We all love our cars. They become long term friends, second homes, even office spaces. But there are times when we could just toss away the keys or call the scrap yard! The truth is we become very reliant on our vehicles. Sadly, they’re not always that reliable. Most of us have been let down pretty badly by one of our cars in the past. Here are the top 10 problems with your car that’ll make you wish you took the bus instead:


When you’ve overslept, and you’re running late for work, the last thing you need to see is a flat tire when you head out to the garage in the morning. A puncture is one of those things we’re all going to suffer at some point, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. If you’re feeling fairly fit and able, you might get the jack out and swap the wheel over. You can call out a mate or even the rescue service to fix you up.


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Of course, a blowout while you’re driving can be far worse. It’s really easy to lose control of the car if you are high speed when it happens. If you’re in fast traffic when it happens, get your indicators on that you need to pull over. Tap the brakes regularly so you can come to a controlled stop. Panicking and jumping on the brakes can cause even more loss of control in some cases. If you’re on a busy road, it’s probably best to call your rescue service for assistance.

Keys Break In Ignition

If your keys get stuck or even break off in the ignition, you’re not going anywhere. You can’t start the engine. Or, if you had already started it, you can’t shut it down! Chances are you’re not going to be able to get the key back out, and if the ignition gets damaged, you’re in for a big repair bill. Fortunately, there are specialist companies like SK Locksmith, who can retrieve your key and get you back on the road super quick.

Parking Ticket/Getting Towed

Sometimes it feels like meter attendants are lurking, hiding somewhere, ready to issue tickets as soon as you leave your car. Even if you only stopped there for a few minutes, you could find a hefty fine taped to your windscreen when you get back. Worse still, you might be back just in time to see your car being towed away. While the best advice is to avoid parking anywhere with restrictions, there isn’t much you can do but pay the penalty if you get caught. After all, we need our car back!

Tail Light Fails

Every one of your lights was working when you left home, but twenty minutes into your journey, you’re pulled over by the cops. There is usually no warning, but heavy rain is often the reason for a tail light to fail. Extreme weather manages to get into the connectors. If your tail light fails and you get caught, you’re going to have to pay the fine. Replacing the bulbs every couple of years could help avoid suffering a failure.

Run Out Of Washer Fluid On The Road

It’s been raining, and there is so much debris being kicked up onto the windshield. And it’s always at that moment that you find you’ve run out of washer fluid to get the screen clear. Pretty soon, you’re not going to be able to see clearly enough to drive. It’s one of the most common things to forget to top up. Make sure you don’t run out on the road this winter.

Breaking Down In Traffic

When your poor car has been sat in traffic for a couple of hours, chances are the engines running a little warm. If your coolant levels are low, you’re in danger of suffering an overheating incident. The car may just cut out, or worse still, you could damage the engine. But breaking down in the middle of traffic makes it all so much worse. You probably have to push the car across lanes of traffic. And you’re almost assured that none of those irate drivers are going to lend a hand! Check your levels often to avoid problems if you get stuck in traffic.

Breaking Down In Traffic

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Air Con Fails On Hottest Summer Day

It’s the hottest day of the year. You’ve got a long journey. And that’s the day the air con in the car fails. Like your home air conditioning system, the car one needs annual servicing to ensure it is in good condition. You should also have it topped up. This will identify any leakage problems, but also ensure you don’t have a system break down when you really need it!

Wipers Stop Working In A Torrential Downpour

There are several reasons why the wipers may suddenly stop working. Typically, it will be when visibility is almost zero through a torrential downpour. All you can do is indicate to other drivers that you need to pull over. The motor that moves the wipers could have failed so you’ll need an auto-electrician. Or it might be a simple fuse error caused by the excess moisture and use. Until it stops raining, you’re not going very far.

Sat Nav Won’t Update

Whenever there’s a problem on the road, the sat nav is supposed to update and take you a different route. But if it’s not picking up the changes, you can be left frustrated trying to figure out a route on your own. All the while, the sat nav will be trying to steer you back to the original route. Sometimes, you just have to turn it off and open a map book.

Run Out Of Fuel

Most of us have hit the red zone on the fuel gauge at least once in our lives. You’re convinced you can make it, and then you hit traffic. If you’re running low, drop your speed to about 50 mph. It’s the most economical. The car may judder and stall when the fuel truly has gone. Keeping a spare can in the trunk can help you out in an emergency.

We love our motors, but problems always seem to turn up when we need to be somewhere! Some extra checks before we drive can get us out of a bind most of the time. And some good professional help will get us back on the road in no time.

Wilko is a full-time motoring journalist with an obsessive interest in all things automotive.