Top Rated Electric Cars You Should Be Looking Out For

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the environmental consciousness movement, it is becoming more common to see electric and hybrid cars on the road. While it was a novelty item reserved for the rich and eccentric, electric cars have come a long way since their inception. Many auto manufacturers have taken the leap and we now nearly have options to suit almost any budget and lifestyle. The top rated electric cars now go further on a single charge and charge faster depending on the charging system. They are also much more affordable than before, and countries concerned with reducing carbon footprints offer tax reductions and rebates to those who choose to switch over.

But with so many flooding the scene, which ones are the top rated electric cars on the market? We can judge this by a number of factors and trends such as sales, mileage, durability, and cost. It’s easier to judge now that we have had time to observe the performance of vehicles like this over the past few years. Initial charm aside, we are interested in value for money and longevity. The claims of revolutionizing the auto manufacturing world have started to become a reality and here are our top picks.

Top Rated Electric Cars on the Market

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

No list of top rated electric cars could ignore the powerhouse Tesla Model S. Despite the hefty initial price, this electric car can top the list of any car’s category in general. Being constantly improved since the introduced in 2012, the Model S is now equipped with a 48 amp onboard charger. Known for efficiency, performance, and distance covered per charge, it behaves very much like a sports car. This is one powerful electric vehicle that offers spacious interiors and still manages to be the safest car ever mass produced. State of the art entertainment and tech options plus a Supercharger network make this car well worth the price. Besides, it’s a beautiful looking car! If you are looking for eco-friendly luxury, this is it.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Next, we have to mention the Nissan Leaf. Whether you are looking to buy the new 2017 version or second hand, this electric car has been winning hearts since its inception and for a good reason. Budget-friendly and easily available, many critics believe this has been the car which introduced the true potential of electric vehicles to the general public. Enjoying very good sales in the US, Europe, and Japan, you know this is one well-loved car. Available in a range of options, you can add in features to get a more luxurious feel such as heated seats, leather upholstery, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in navigation. All three versions, S, SV, and SL, boast superfast charge times and deliver good mileage too. A great option for first-time electric car buyers, the Nissan Leaf is a definite safe bet.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Following up on the list of top rated electric cars we have the BMW i3. One of the unique cars ever produced by BMW, this tiny powerhouse definitely delivers on quality, low running costs and performance while still employing the signature rear wheel drive. Stylish in appearance, the i3 offers efficient battery performance (81 miles on a charge) and enough power for strong acceleration (0-60mph in 7.2 seconds). A smooth drive and lots of interior space make this a great family car option. Offering three modes of drive, Comfort, EcoPro, and EcoPro+, drivers can customize the energy usage to suit their needs. Falling in the mid-range, this is a smart option for people wanting the feel and experience of a BMW without the massive financial bite.

Chevy Spark EV

Chevy Spark EV -$25,995

The Chevy Spark can be easily slotted into the most enthralling and stylish EV category with its brilliant specifications and affordable price. Costing a meager $25,995 in the US and only $16,000 in California, this super ride is amongst the top rated electric cars around the globe. Considering the existing price of the Chevy Spark, which is less than the average cost of a new vehicle in the US, it’s a great inexpensive solution and a luxury ride especially for penny pinching car enthusiasts. The zippy car by General Motors has scored high as far as 60 mph sprint is concerned, leaving other EVs behind with its high end technical specs and features. With its compact size, enough to accommodate 4 individuals, the vehicle can easily hit 119 MPGe and is being touted as a better option than its gasoline sibling. The Spark EV boasts a good electric range of 82 miles (132 km) and is currently amongst the top-selling electric cars in the US.


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