Toyota to Manufacture Street Legal Hypercar by 2020

Toyota is planning on making a street legal hypercar that will employ their Le Mans racing technology. This Toyota hypercar will be inspired from the Toyota TS050 hybrid that won the 2018 24-hour Le Mans endurance race.

The team of designers and engineers at Toyota has already built the Gazoo Racing (GR) Super Sports concept which was revealed ahead of the Le Mans race last weekend. This concept car houses a 2.4-liter twin turbo V6 engine that works in tandem with the electric motors to produce 986 horsepower. It would be no surprise if the upcoming hypercar looks similar to the GR Super Sports.

Toyota to Manufacture Street Legal Hypercar by 2020

“Competing in the WEC and racing at Le Mans helps us to advance the development of our world-leading hybrid electric technology and enables us to transfer the knowledge we gain to our production cars,” explains Toyota Gazoo Racing boss Shigeki Tomoyama.

“We started this project because we believe that creating a super sports car that delivers the same appeal as the TS050 Hybrid greatly adds to Toyota’s involvement in the WEC,” he added. “And at some point in the future, customers will have a chance to get behind the wheel of this incredible machine and experience its astonishing power and driving performance.”

This street legal hypercar is not the only car Toyota is planning to manufacture. With the revival of Toyota Supra, it is hoped there will be more. While the Supra is supposed to be released officially by 2019, the GR Super Sports will come along in 2020.

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