Volvo Introduces Cloud-Based Road Safety System in the Scandinavian Countries

Volvo Car Group has decided to use cloud technology in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) to share information about road conditions among a network of cars, ensuring greater road safety in the Scandinavian countries.

If your car experiences slippery patches on the road, the nearby vehicles will be warned through this system about the situation, allowing other drivers to adopt a more careful approach to prevent any accidents.

Erik Israelsson, the Project Leader Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (ITS) at Volvo Cars, is delighted with the launch of this pilot project and said that this step shows how modern technology allows cars to communicate with each other.

Car2Car communication

Once a Volvo test car senses a wet part on any road, that information will be sent immediately to the company’s database through the mobile phone network, which will then result in a quick notice to other drivers on the road. That warning will appear on the instrument cluster of the vehicles.

Slippery road warning shared with other cars

At the present moment, the project has 50 test cars on the roads but Israelsson revealed that Volvo intends at increasing the number of cars incorporating this system by the end of this year.

This technology will also help authorities in the Scandinavian countries maintain the roads more efficiently.

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