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4x4 truck

Trucks Aren’t Just For Show, Make Sure You’re Getting The Right Ride Out Of It

The Right Ride There are a lot of reasons to buy a truck. Nowadays, it’s common for some drivers to see a good 4×4 truck as little more than a fashion. It’s...

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Consult the experts

Keep The Motor Running: Ways To Help Your Car Last Longer

Few of us can live without our cars anymore and with good reason. They get us to work, out and about, we use them to see family and friends. Cars have become an...

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Amsterdam Limo Driver

Confessions of an Amsterdam Limo Driver

It’s close to midnight; I and Pete are stood besides the vast bulk of his Amsterdam Hummer Limo. Pete’s in fine spirits, explaining to me very carefully the various...

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How To Charge A Car Battery

How To Charge A Car Battery At Home

How To Charge A Car Battery Did you find yourself helpless in the middle of the road due to a particular problem? Perhaps, you forgot to pay attention to your car...

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2017 Lamborghini Centenario LP 770-4

Top 10 Best Looking Sports Cars For 2017

Best Looking Sports Cars Sports cars are mostly designed for men; therefore, it is safe to presume that for sporty rides, looks do matter. Red color automatically pops...

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Koenigsegg Supercars

Top Speed Koenigsegg Supercars Models

Koenigsegg Supercars The high end ultra-performance market is starting to see new arrivals in 2016. The most expensive one so far has been Bugatti Chiron. Koenigsegg,...

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2016 Volvo XC90

7 Best Family SUVs of 2016

When choosing an SUV for your family, you don’t only keep in account the vehicle’s design and engine capability, but also other important aspects such as its cargo...

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