All-New Chevrolet FNR Autonomous Concept Unveiled at 2015 Shanghai Motor Show

The future of motoring is finally here – bearing a strong resemblance to Tom Cruise’s vehicle from ‘Minority Report’, the new Chevrolet FNR Autonomous concept has already created quite a stir amongst car enthusiasts and experts alike. Unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show 2015, the Chevrolet FNR is a fully autonomous electric vehicle and features what the company is referring to as a ‘capsule design’. The car also boasts in-wheel motors that transmit power through a hubless magnetic system.

New Chevrolet FNR Autonomous concept

In spite of the impressive and highly appealing looks of the Chevrolet FNR, the car sports a number of other exciting features that contribute to its futuristic-like persona. Onboard sensors combined with a roof-mounted radar unit for fully autonomous driving, front seats that can turn to face the rear seats during self-driving mode, a Chevy Intelligent Assistant and an iris recognition ignition system which acts as an anti-theft device.

FNR Autonomous concept

In addition to all this, the Chevrolet FNR features crystal laser headlights, ‘Dragonfly’ doors and a wireless induction system for wireless charging. A low-slung canopy replaces a conventional windshield and windows, thereby making the car completely transparent.

Chevrolet FNR Autonomous concept

Since this is just a concept revealed on behalf of Chevrolet on the future of cars and autonomous driving, the Chevrolet FNR isn’t expected to go into production.

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