BMW i9 Concept is the Ultimate Future Car

Taking a glimpse into the future, BMW i9 Concept prophesizes how future cars are going to look like. Owing to its extremely unrealistic design it is hard to say if the automaker will take the risk to materialize the idea, still fans find it inspiring as the pictures go viral over the internet.

BMW i9 Concept

The design was created by Carlos Aliaga Pastor as a part of his thesis for pursuing master’s degree. The young pioneer is seeking to qualify with a good publication which can make him proud, but it seems his ambitions have pushed him to the far side of fiction.

BMW i9 Concept

The structure of the car, seemingly sci-fi, takes its make from the nature; almond and hammerhead shark, which might sound odd but observing the roof and streamlines, it is likely the case. The dynamic body profile of the 3d model is meant to efficiently reduce air resistance. The tires showing exotic treads if not too bad to impress imaginations, are definitely too good to rev on modern day roads.

BMW i9 Concept

The current BMW i8 is powered by a 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder engines and electric motor boasting 357 horsepower and 420 lb-ft torque. The i9 rumored around BMW is anticipated to have the current model’s carbon fiber tube with a bigger 3.0 liter engine and more powerful electric motor, which is expected to be revealed in 2016.

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