What Types of Legal Compensation Will I Receive After My Car Accident?

A major or minor car collision usually affects the parties involved negatively. For instance, apart from the cars being wrecked, the casualties can sustain physical injuries or psychological trauma, which can permanently change their lives. Therefore, if you have been involved in a collision caused by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation that will cover the damages you have incurred.

Car Accident Compensation

There are several types of compensation for a car accident that you may qualify for in order to recover from your accident.

car accident compensation
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Medical expenses

After a collision, victims may take long to recover fully depending on the severity of the injuries they sustained. This may mean having to stay in hospital for a significant time recuperating, as well as undergoing any rehabilitation, which may take months.

As a result, you may get reimbursed for all the medical bills you have incurred to recover fully from your injuries such as money used on medical appointments, surgeries, ambulance costs, pain medication, hospital stays, and physical therapy.

If the injuries you sustained require you to continue with medical assistance, such as ongoing medication or additional corrective surgeries, you can request damages that will cover all your future medical bills.

Pain and suffering

This refers to the emotional and physical pain a casualty goes through after being involved in the crash. People go through pain and suffering throughout their recovery process. You need to be reimbursed for the pain and suffering from your injuries, depression, PTSD, and any other pain caused by the collision.

However, it is not easy to put an amount on the actual pain and suffering endured. Moreover, insurance companies try very hard to reduce the amount of non-economic damages they need to pay the victims.

Lost wages

Not being able to work or provide for your family can be stressful, especially if your family was living from paycheck to paycheck. You may take time off to recover from the injuries you sustained and may miss work as a result. Therefore, you are entitled to recover lost income while you are recovering from the injuries you sustained.

The amount may also cover any future loss of wages, especially if your life has been permanently altered. For instance, a surgeon who gets nerve damage to his hands after a collision will be unable to continue operating on patients and will have to find a lower-paying job to make ends meet. In such instances, he or she may be able to sue the legible party for loss of possible future income.

Property damage

If someone else damaged your vehicle from reckless driving, you are eligible for reimbursement for that loss you have incurred. The damages may cover the cost of repairing the vehicle.

After being involved in a collision, you should get a quality estimate on the amount you will need to fully repair your car. The amount should be enough to repair your vehicle to reach the highest standards.

Loss of consortium

If a victim of a collision is left with a disability that prevents him or her from enjoying the relationship with their spouse, the spouse is eligible to file for loss of consortium. However, the spouse can only win his or her case if the victim also wins the personal injury claim because it is the main claim from which the loss of consortium is derived.

Loss of quality of life

Tort law enables people who have sustained permanent disability to file for damages for the reduction in the quality of their lives. They can get compensation if their claim is successful.

Punitive damages

The damages are awarded to victims if the driver’s conduct was particularly very reckless or irresponsible. For instance, a person who was driving under the influence may be asked to pay for these damages in order to discourage them from doing any further bad behavior.

The victims can also recover damages from disfigurement and even additional expenses from wrongful deaths and fatalities such as burial and funeral expenses. If you have been involved in a vehicle crash caused by a negligent person, you don’t have to fight the battle of getting damages alone. It is advisable to seek advice from an experienced attorney for professional advice on how to proceed legally with your claim.

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