Civic Type R Concept Model Debut In Geneva

The new model of the Honda has made its rocking debut in the Geneva Motor Show 2014. The new Civic Type R Concept model ids based upon the Fuel cell concept along with appealing exterior in the futuristic design. the model is based upon the highly aerodynamic factors that will accommodate Honda’s next generation fuel cell vehicle. The model is expected to be launched in the US and Japan in 2015. IT next target market will be Europe. Based upon the powerful drive train of the NSX car, the model is powered by the V6 injection Engine with twin turbo technology.

New Civic Type R Concept

The FCEV concept of the Honda is genuine and has been under development phase for a very long time. Debuting this concept model in the market, the Honda has claimed the authority over the development of the future technology in the form of the fuel cell engine. the fuel ell technology work on the water. The water is broken down into its chemical component hydrogen and oxygen. The Hydrogen is burnt and combined with oxygen to form water vapor, releasing tremendous energy or accelerating the car to a stunning speed, just like the race car model.

New Civic Type R Concept

The exteriors of the model have been designed as the most amazing and aggressive outlook. Its dashing headlight, bumpers, wide futuristic front light makes it a tech toy. The wide wheelbase and striking white color texture over the glossy finish makes the model highly gorgeous and alluring. Supported by the Honda’s new 3 Motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD Hybrid System, the model is designed for the all wheel drive. The new concept model will see the production and the marketing debut in 2015, although there is no fixed date yet. Honda is taking proud on its debut of modern technology in the field of the automotive market.

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