Talking About Future Concepts Is Always A Delightful Thing

That’s why when we found out about the concept of a 2017 Dodge Challenger we immediately cracked our fingers and started to write about this beauty in the making…

There will surely be much more from Dodge’s grandeur in the next two years, if they plan to replace the Challenger with a more mean looking machine.

And even after the assembled robots start constructing the new vehicle, the all-new 2017 Challenger will have to prove itself among other key-players, like the Camaro SS and the Mustang GT.

The main dilemma is will they succeed in building an even lighter and powerful monster that will take the place of the essentially unchanged Challenger with a refreshed car line, and steal customers away from Ford and Chevrolet.

Nobody in the automotive industry is on vacation, Chevy unveiled their Camaro, the new Mustang is already roaring on the streets, while on the other hand we are still waiting on an all New Challenger Hellcat.


The design of the Hellcat will be more present in the future

Maybe it’s because Dodge’s hot and powerful muscle got that refreshed look recently when the thunderous Hellcat was introduced alongside with many other upgrades.

Hence, we can agree that it’s still early for the design and production teams to build an all-new Challenger that will be revamped from the tires up. This project can be expected in 2017.

But, there was a story that spread like wildfire that an all-new 2017 Hellcat will be made.

So, these awesome guys decided to copycat the concept of how this beast might just look like.

Even though we can probably argue that this is just a fan-based concept…
…but it really looks up to what we believe we will see in the coming years.

Because even with their bulky exterior Dodge is always focused on building lighter version of its muscle cars.

Weirdly close to Charger Sedan

The visual cues are so obvious on the front and grille.

It has more a sculptured look that has some mash-up moments from the Charger but at the same the modded mask defines the lines in a more futuristic manner which is can be seen in the front fenders and headlights.

The bumper has an ‘upward’ overbite that eats into the grille that is much alike the current Dodge Charger.

Also, the ‘halo ring’ LED headlights would give an even more sinister glow to the mean look.

What we can observe in this concept is that they believe that the side of the car will have most of the changes.

The side bodywork will be dominated by an upper scallop that actually starts within the front fender and flowing back into the rear in a seamless design. With that we see the toned character that is missing from this years coupe.

After all, Chrysler unveiled a 5-year plan and in it, a special place for the next-generation Challenger.

Wilson Smith is a professional content writer and SEO executive.